X Main Stages Of Alzheimer's Disease Explained

3 Main Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease Explained

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness that destroys cognitive function, causing dementia. It begins with mild memory problems in early adulthood, gradually worsening as the disease progresses. Before the late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease develop, there are usually three stages: pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease, mild Alzheimer’s disease, and moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing these stages can help you recognize…


How Alzheimer’s Care In Tarrant County, TX, Can Help With Sundown Syndrome

Anxiety may respond well to treatment. Your doctor might suggest prescription medication for your anxiety—here’s what to know about some of the most prescribed types of medication. Here is a review of how Alzheimer’s care In Tarrant County, TX, can help with sundown syndrome. SSRIs and SNRIs SSRIs and SNRIs often form the prime treatments…