As you age, you may need more help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. You might consider moving into an assisted living community to enjoy a higher quality of life. However, these expenses can be overwhelming, especially for low-income individuals with limited resources. Thankfully, this need can be met through Medicaid waiver programs which help to reduce the cost of long-term care, making it more affordable for you to age in place.

One program under the Medicaid waiver programs is the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services. This waiver helps the elderly who require nursing care to reside at home or in an assisted living community. Let us help you understand Medicaid waivers better and how you can make use of them to access community-based services.

What are Medicaid Waiver Programs?

Medicaid waiver programs are state-run programs that provide healthcare coverage for low-income individuals and families. This allows the federal government to waive requirements that normally apply to the Medicaid program but each state has its own program guidelines.

In general, Medicaid waiver programs cover basic medical expenses, such as doctor visits and prescription drugs. Some programs also cover long-term care expenses. Due to these waivers, states can provide certain services that usually won’t be covered by Medicaid, such as in-home care for those who might otherwise need long-term institutional care.

How do Medicaid Waivers help Seniors Live in Retirement Communities?

The cost of living in an assisted living community can be expensive for some elderly individuals, especially those who rely on Medicaid for their health insurance. Medicaid Waivers provide additional financial assistance that can help offset the expenses of staying in assisted living communities that accept Medicaid.

These expenses include things like meal delivery, transportation, rental, and personal care assistance. This can make a big difference for individuals on a fixed income, as it can help to reduce their overall living costs.

Types of Medicaid Waivers available near Morada Abilene

There are different types of Medicaid Waivers available near Morada Abilene, Texas. One of them is the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver which is intended to allow states to offer home and community-based services to those who require long-term care. In Texas, the HCBS waiver provides funding for a range of services that help people with disabilities live in their own homes or assisted living communities instead of in nursing homes or other institutions.

If you’re eligible for an HCBS waiver, you can receive different non-medical as well as medical care services depending on your situation and needs. The services may include:

  • Nursing care
  • Personal care services in an assisted living community
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services
  • Home modifications

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