Morada Abilene’s senior lifestyle programs help empower more enriched, stress-free living with the power to do what moves you at the moment. Stay active and involved with regularly scheduled social events and activities, or opt for some quiet relaxation. Use our complimentary, chauffeured transportation to visit the Mall of Abilene, or to frequent area restaurants and attractions. With housekeeping and home maintenance forever removed from your “to-do” list, Morada Abilene helps unlock more time than ever to do as much (or as little) as desired, and lead the kind of lifestyle that you or your loved one want.

Our lifestyle programs also include health and wellness classes, in-house dining and concierge service. This is everything you or your loved one need to begin a fun and fulfilling new chapter of life right here at Morada Abilene.

Our senior lifestyle programs include:

Delicious, Downhome Dining

Our signature dining program ensures multiple, delicious, and satisfying options for every meal, every day. Enjoy regionally-inspired comfort favorites, local specialties, flavors from around the world, and even special requests, all freshly prepared by our professional culinary team.

Go ahead and indulge a little. Share laughter and stories. When you find yourself enjoying your company as well as the food that brought you all together, you can soak in that moment. Because that’s what dining at Morada Abilene is all about.

Please contact one of our Senior Lifestyle Counselors at 325.238.6944 today to schedule a tour and learn more!

Daily Activities & Events

At Morada Abilene, each day can be filled with fun events and activities, and plenty of new opportunities for recreation and socializing with friends, both old and new.

Whether opting to stay close to home, or taking part in regularly scheduled trips and excursions throughout our local area, our full-time activities director and team will ensure that every day is as engaging as possible, whether spent out on the town or in the community.

Options may include:

  • TV & movies
  • Live music performances
  • Informative, guest lectures
  • Visiting local restaurants
  • Shopping trips
  • Diverse recreation including arts & crafts, games & more

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Senior-Specific Health & Wellness

Our signature Health and Wellness programming is comprehensive and fully inclusive, designed to help all residents promote health and happiness across every aspect of life. More than just adding in exercise, Morada Abilene takes a holistic approach, allowing opportunities for residents to promote overall health and wellness in every, key dimension including:

  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

With that, programs and amenities are in place throughout the community to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Begin the day with a stretching or balance class. Try our specialized exercise classes, or choose personalized training, where available.

Now add to that the many social and recreational events, guest lectures and educational opportunities, on-site therapies, and worship services and only Morada Abilene can do so much to help residents maximize and sustain overall health and lifestyle quality.

On-Site Concierge Service

Think about the ease and convenience of knowing just who to call for help whenever you need a hand, and how nice it will be to save a time every day by avoiding unnecessary trouble and letting our concierge team handle everything for you.

Let us help with:

  • Dining reservations
  • Movie or event tickets
  • Online shopping
  • Travel arrangements
  • Sending and receiving packages, and much more

With concierge service, day-to-day living at Morada Abilene becomes that much easier, and starting with the very first day, you or your loved one will get to spend more time relaxing or having fun because of it.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Take a full break from difficult housekeeping chores and leave it to our dedicated team members to make your home fresh and clean, while you spend time doing the things you love.

Start living worry-free at Morada Abilene and never again have to climb a ladder to change light bulbs or clean dusty ceiling fans. There will also be no need to clean floors, vacuum or reaching for harsh chemicals.

At Morada Abilene, our included Housekeeping & Maintenance services will ensure lasting contentment and comfort, whether admiring the spotless apartment home, strolling past the lush and perfectly manicured landscaping or enjoying the community’s common areas.

Complimentary, Scheduled Transportation

It’s life-changing, money-saving, and could very well be the biggest convenience of all: At Morada Abilene, complimentary, chauffeured transportation awaits to ensure you or your loved one always get where you’re going, safely and right on time.

Perfect for shopping trips, dining out, medical appointments, or going to watch a show or sporting event with neighbors and friends, you will be glad to leave the driving, the directions, and parking to us, so you can worry less and have more fun.

You can bring your car with you, but with complimentary transportation so easily available, you may actually decide to leave the driving to us!

Contact Us

When you reach out to our team, we can schedule a tour, tell you more about our programs, and help you discover why residents love Morada Abilene. Contact us today at 325.238.6944 to learn more!