At Morada Albuquerque, we know how painful and difficult it is to tackle issues about dementia. Much more, things become harder when a loved one suffers from it. Proper care is needed for individuals facing the dilemma. This is the core reason behind why we build strong partnerships with care providers, while also establishing a bond with families whose loved ones are in this predicament. We use a combination of person-centered and scientific approaches to make the care more effective for the ones who matter most to you.

We have taken inspiration from the best practices and latest scientific efforts pushed by the nation. We know how crucial it is to communicate with you or your loved ones, and we understand how much you will benefit from our senior living programs.

If you are, like many other Americans, a caregiver for a loved one with memory-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, do not go it alone anymore. You can be assured of a reliable care partner if you choose Morada Albuquerque. After all, we have combined science and technology with personalization to attain the level of care and quality lifestyle that you loved one deserves, giving you that all-important peace of mind.

With us, you never have to go through the burden of dementia and other memory-related illnesses alone. Ask for help and we will be there to serve your needs best.

Enjoy the following Memory Care Program Advantages at Morada Albuquerque:

  • Lifestyle enrichment programs
  • Secure living environment
  • Specialized dining experiences
  • Superior communication with residents and families

Enjoy the perks of being part of a community where friendly team members never hesitate to apply what they have learned during training sessions. Love us even more for our ultimate dining experience that uses subtle sciences to encourage participation, interaction, appetite and awareness. Our one-on-one and group activities, together with our sensory experiences and relaxed downtime will promote a sense of purpose and belonging, feelings of enjoyment, and personal accomplishment and pride.

Our Senior Living Memory Care Program Achieves Comprehensive Wellness By…

a senior is pleased with his memory care program

Promoting Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Promoting physical wellness
  • Maintaining social and religious contacts
  • Stimulating mental activity
  • Focusing on strengths, not limitations
  • Encouraging active participation
  • Celebrating success, regardless if they are big or small

Serving Thoughtful, Satisfying Meals

  • Containing essential nutrients for better health
  • Encouraging active participation
  • Providing assistance whenever needed
  • Enjoying a calm and quiet environment while dining at the same time each day
  • Serving meals to those who frequently wander through the “Food on the Run” program

Planning Fun, Engaging Activities

  • Focusing on present abilities
  • Targeting age-appropriate activities
  • One-to-one or small group activities
  • Matching residents’ attention spans

Cultivating Friendships and Belonging

  • Support for personal care activities that promote independence and control
  • Play activities to promote camaraderie
  • Personal care activities for better perception by friends, family, and peers
  • Productive activities to promote self-worth and personal success

Perhaps most of all, though, our secure memory care neighborhood has been built from the start with resident satisfaction and comfort and ease of navigation in mind. All in all, we have everything your loved one needs to live a and healthier and happier life, and the perfect way to create all-important peace of mind for the family.

So don’t wait, call our Senior Lifestyle Counselor at 505.317.5633 today!

Senior Living Memory Care at Morada Albuquerque

Our memory care specialists administer long-term care to residents of Morada Albuquerque in a loving and controlled environment. We prioritize your loved one’s needs, and we  provide personalized assistance involving medical monitoring and daily living. We also organize activities for different periods of the day to keep residents socially active and engaged, making their lives more enriched.

Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about “A Day in the Life” of one of our residents. Get in touch with our Senior Lifestyle Counselor at 505.317.5633 or fill out our online form. Let us know about any of your other concerns, and we will gladly answer them. Schedule a tour with us to explore our communities and our amenities.