Morada Burleson’s senior lifestyle initiatives serve to allow for more carefree, hassle-free living and the ability to seize every single moment. Remain involved and active with regular social activities and events, or instead, go for some peaceful downtime and relaxation. Make use of our free chauffeured transport services to go to the Old Town, the Lost Oak Winery, or to visit other popular attractions and restaurants in the area. With home maintenance and housekeeping eternally taken out of your list of things to do, we at Morada Burleson help you to free up more of your own time than ever, so that you may do as little or as much as you want, and immerse yourself in the way of life that is most suitable to you or your loved one.

Our special lifestyle initiatives also include efficient services for senior wellness and health and in-house dining, in addition to concierge services. All in all, it is everything that you or your loved one would require in order to initiate a fulfilling and fun new life period, here at Morada Burleson.

Delectable, Hearty Dining

In our unique dining plans, members enjoy numerous satisfying and delectable options with every single meal, on a daily basis. You may eat regionally inspired dishes, specialties of the area, tastes from around the globe, and personalized requests. All of it is freshly and enthusiastically made by our highly trained culinary team.

So, indulge in the heartiest desserts. Share laughter and meals with your friends. When you find yourself reveling in your company and your food at the same time, relish the moment, because this is exactly what dining at Morada Burleson is about.

Daily Events and Activities

At Morada Burleson, we occupy every single day with fun activities and events, in addition to many fresh opportunities for having fun and interacting with friends, both new and old.

Our full-time events manager and team will guarantee that each day is as exciting and interesting as possible, whether you choose to stay near home or participate in regular outings and excursions in the region.

Options might include:

  • Television and movies
  • Live music shows
  • Educational lectures by guest speakers
  • Paying visits to restaurants in the area
  • Shopping excursions
  • A variety of recreational activities including games, arts and crafts, and much more

Take a Look at Our Calendar Here

Senior-Focused Wellness and Health

Our very own wellness and health plans are fully inclusive and holistic. They have been designed to assist all elderly in promoting happiness and health in each aspect of their lives. More than simply adding in some exercise, Morada Burleson provides a multi-pronged approach. We make opportunities for members to improve their overall wellness and health in each important aspect, including:

  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Medical
  • Physical

With that, amenities and programs have been put in place in the community in order to provide stimulation to the soul, body, and mind. Begin your day with a physical stretching or balancing class. Register for focused exercise classes or even select individualized instruction and training wherever it may be available.

This is all in addition to our numerous recreational and social events, educational opportunities and guest lectures, therapies on site, and religious services. It is at Morada Burleson where residents are allowed to sustain and maximize their overall lifestyle quality and health.

Concierge Services on Site

Whenever you may need some help, all you will have to do is reach out to the concierge team at Morada Burleson. Consider how nice it would be to save a minute or two every single day by sidestepping annoying hassles and allowing our warm concierge team to deal with them for you.

Our concierge team is equipped to help you with:

  • Restaurant reservations
  • Event or movie tickets
  • Internet shopping
  • Travel plans
  • Receiving and sending packages, in addition to much more

With our concierge services, you will find that daily life at Morada Burleson is so much easier. From the first day in the Morada Burleson community, you or your loved one will get the chance to pass the time having fun or relaxing.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Revel in the freedom from taxing and tedious house maintenance chores. Here at Morada Burleson, you may depend on our professional team to keep your residence clean and fresh while you pass the time engaging in the things that you enjoy.

Begin living free of worry at Morada Burleson and never scale a ladder to clean dirty fans or change a light bulb ever again. Neither will you have to vacuum, scrub the floor, or reach under your sink for caustic chemicals again, either.

Here at Morada Burleson, our included Maintenance and Housekeeping services will provide you with lasting contentment and comfort. You may relax in the peacefulness of your spick-and-span apartment residence, spend time in the common areas of the community, or take leisurely walks through the well-manicured spaces outside.

Scheduled Free Transport Services

Which of our amenities do our members like the most? That would be our free chauffeured transport services! Our dedicated drivers will make sure that you or your loved one will always arrive at where you may want to go, on time and in a safe manner.

Our free transport service is perfect for going to entertainment shows, shopping excursions, restaurants, doctor’s appointments, or sports events with your neighbors and friends. Just leave the door-to-door driving, parking, and navigation to us, so that you may worry less and have more fun.

This is not to say that you may not bring your own vehicle! This is simply a free transportation service that will allow you to kick back and relax while we drive you to where you need to go!

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