Meadow Lakes_Tanya Wood

Tanya Wood

Executive Director

Tanya began her career in senior living after a successful career in magazine publishing. She felt that she didn’t want to always be in the “books,” she enjoyed working with people much more than just sitting behind a desk. Tanya wanted to work in an industry where she felt like she could “make a difference” in someone’s life. Tanya says it was a blessing when her new career began in the senior industry because it wasn’t long after that her father had a stroke and their family was faced with all kinds of questions. In her present position, she can most definitely relate to the family members as well as the residents.


Leslie Browning

Senior Lifestyle Counselor

Senior Lifestyle Counselor Leslie Browning was a Director of Sales for Hilton Hotels for over 10 years, bringing over 20 years of sales and marketing to Morada Meadow Lakes.  Leslie possesses a natural gift of hospitality and has a heart to serve others. Leslie loves spending time with her family, cooking and working in the garden. She volunteers by speaking at events, churches and schools to raise awareness against domestic violence. “Coming to Morada Meadow Lakes was the best decision I have made in my career.  I love my team and our residents”

Asia Currie Clay

Asia Currie-Clay

Business Office Manager

As the latest addition to Morada Meadow Lakes, Asia Currie-Clay, came in with a versatile professional with a rich background in administrative work and investigation. This fit perfectly with her current role as a Business Office Manager. With a dual degree in Financial Planning & Business Managment with a concentration in Marketing, Asia brings a unique blend of analytical skills and strategic thinking to the team. Passionate about supporting both employees & residents, Asia ensures a cohesive and thriving community. Beyond the office, Asia finds joy in the intricate art of crochet, showcasing a creative side that compliments those analytical strengths. Supported by a loving fiancé, Asia has embraced the vibrant city of Dallas for the past 4 years, finding inspiration and fulfillment in both work & personal pursuits.


Beth Crowe

Celebrations Director

As the Celebrations Director at Morada, I bring over two decades of expertise in administration and event planning, with a focus on orchestrating memorable experiences in weddings, chambers of commerce, and various community events. My diverse background includes a foundation in science education, reflecting my passion for both creativity and knowledge. Committed to community well-being, I find fulfillment in assisting families with the challenges that seniors face. I aim to alleviate the burden of change through carefully curated activities at Morada of Meadow Lakes, fostering joy and connection. Beyond my professional role, I am a devoted parent raising three teenagers and sharing my home with two dogs, one cat, and a vibrant fish tank. My family and I enjoy swimming, hiking, bird watching, reading, music, movies, crafting, painting, and exploring new destinations together.

Lorie Doyle Disinski

Lorie Doyle Disinski

Director of Culinary Services

Director of Culinary Services Lorie Doyle Disinski has dedicated more than 19 years of service to the residents of Morada Meadow Lakes, having led our culinary department since 2002. Prior to joining the Morada Senior Living team, she worked in management for the Orange Bowl, the Wyatt family and Lane Bryant, and spent about 20 years in early childhood development and even pro wrestling promotional sales.

Originally born in Dallas, Chef Lorie has worked all over the world, including Mexico and Japan. However, she remains a proud Texan, and to this day resides here in the area, very close to Morada Meadow Lakes.