Are you considering making the move to a Medicare approved assisted living community? If so, consider Morada North Richland Hills as one of your choices. We understand that financial planning is an essential part of transitioning to senior living, and we want to help you make the most well-informed decision. Older adults who are eligible can use Medicaid waiver programs to offset all or part of the cost of assisted living in our senior living community.

What are Medicaid Waiver Programs?

Medicaid differs from Medicare in that the focus is on low-income groups. Medicare is provided specifically for individuals with disabilities as well as older adults over 65. Because Medicaid is run by each individual state, you will find that the programs offered can differ. States also have the option to opt out of state-funded research and programs.

Medicaid waiver programs allow states to waive the rules the rules that typically apply to Medicaid programs, as set by the federal government. This largely depends on the needs of residents in each particular state, allowing them to receive assistance for care that would not be covered otherwise.

How do Medicaid Waivers help Seniors Live in Retirement Communities?

Medicaid waivers allow states to provide services to residents that they may otherwise not have access to. If making the move to a Medicaid assisted living facility in Texas is the best option for you but you have trouble paying the monthly rent, Medicaid waivers can provide you with some help towards the costs. This ensures that you are able to make the most suitable decision for your needs without being hindered by finances.

Types of Medicaid Waivers available near Morada North Richland Hills

There are a number of Medicaid waiver programs available in Texas, which includes:

  • Texas Medicaid Star+ Waiver: Whether you prefer to make the move to a senior living community or receive the care you require from home, Texas Medicaid Star+ Waiver covers this for eligible residents. In comparison to Medicare, Medicaid also covers non-medical services, such as personal care assistance. Managed care organizations (MCOs) provide these services, and individuals can choose from a list of providers.
  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS): Eligible individuals who prefer to receive support from their own place of residence and community can do so under HCBS.

Contact Morada North Richland Hills’ Senior Living Professionals for more Medicaid Waiver Information

Morada North Richland Hills is an assisted living community that accepts Medicaid in Texas. When you are researching your senior living options, consider what we have to offer you or your loved one. With stylish amenities and comprehensive lifestyle programs that include three full meals a day as well as chauffeured transportation, you are all set to live the retirement lifestyle of your dreams. You can be sure that life is never dull in our senior living community, with something always going on!

To find out more about Medicaid assisted living near you, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable team at Morada North Richland Hills today!