Choose Pantego for City Living without Big-City Constraints

For many Texan seniors, the formula for a happy retirement is shockingly straightforward. It all starts with being in familiar surroundings and having the flexibility to spend leisurely days and nights with pleasant company. The great city spotlights of the Metroplex are nearby for those in Pantego, but it’s the relaxing, small-town vibe and stunning views of the Texan sky at night that we wouldn’t give for anything!

With Morada Pantego, we provide residents with the capacity (and power) to live a richer, more fulfilling existence on their own terms. A life free of the duties of home maintenance and housekeeping, with a focus on leisure, pleasure, and the ability to be as active (or relaxed) as they like.

Our resident-centered strategy makes our community an ideal option for local seniors who, like us, are proud to call Pantego home. Read on to learn more about what keeps Independent Living at Morada Pantego unique, and make arrangements to visit us soon to experience our remarkable style of senior living for yourself.

Senior Living in Pantego

Pantego’s roads and open spaces are brimming with history and lovely memories from decades of well-lived lives. Family apartments; Our favorite sites to walk, camp, fish, or dine; even for the hospitals wherein our babies were born. For several years, history has been written here, and there is no better community alternative than Morada Pantego for patriotic seniors who want their new chapter of life to continue in the same, local setting.

Our Core Senior Living Amenities

Every day in Morada Pantego might provide fresh chances for rest and enjoyment on your own. For an energetic workout or a guided exercise class, visit our senior-specific fitness center. In our dining area, you may enjoy chef-prepared dishes. Get pampered at our beauty parlor and barbershop, or utilize our complimentary, chauffeured transportation to explore local restaurants and shopping malls, stop by the Farmer’s Market or spend a morning or afternoon surrounded by the beauty of Bicentennial Park as well as the nearby Lake Arlington.

Senior Living Events & Activities

Our daily activity and recreational calendars provide residents with a plethora of incredible opportunities for engaging the intellect and strengthening the body and spirit via healthy, meaningful involvement. Morada Pantego offers live entertainment and music performances, dancing lessons and seminars, religious studies and events, movies and tv, both day and evening excursions to surrounding parks, cafes, and cultural locations, to name a few activities.

Meet Our Senior Living Professionals At Morada Pantego

It’s visible in the welcoming grins and warm greets, and it’s audible in the frequent noises of laughing and joy. It may also be felt in a warm embrace from a beloved teammate. Morada Pantego provides attentive assistance to residents every day of the week but it’s the deep, personal ties we form with our residents that create our home-like atmosphere…a quality unique to our community.

Local Attractions Near Pantego, TX

Many of our neighborhood’s sights, sounds, and flavors are distinctive, and they are all easily reachable from Morada Pantego. It’s only a few minutes from our front door to thousands of acres of lakes and natural regions, as well as fantastic dining, entertainment, and immersive shopping opportunities.

Life in and around Pantego is enjoyable and satisfying, with possible experiences limited only by the depths of our imaginations! From malls to museums, concerts to sporting venues, life in and around Pantego is full of fun!