Morada Pantego’s senior lifestyle programs provide more fulfilling and stress-free living. Choose between calm leisure and remaining active and participating in prescheduled social activities and events. Use our free chauffeured transportation to visit your favorite brands and sites in the area. And you’ll have additional time to do that now that housework and home maintenance are no longer on your “to-do” list!

Authentic, locally inspired food, senior-focused health and fitness, and concierge service are also part of our community’s lifestyle offerings. Everything that you need to start a pleasant and satisfying new chapter of your life is right here and at Morada Pantego.

Our senior living programs include the following:

To book a tour and learn more, please call one of our Senior Lifestyle Counselors at 817.438.0049 now!

Delightful Downhome Senior Living Dining

Every day, our residents enjoy three excellent chef-prepared meals in sophisticated, restaurant-style dining rooms. Every day, you may taste locally inspired comfort foods, local delicacies, cuisines from across the world, and even unique requests.

Allow yourself a small indulgence. Have some dessert. Tell tales and laugh with your pals. And, whenever you discover yourself loving your company almost as much as the cuisine that drew you all together, savor it. Because that’s the essence of dining at Morada Pantego.

To book a tour and learn more, please call any one of our Senior Lifestyle Counselors at 817.438.0049 now!

Daily Senior Living Events & Activities

Our residents in Independent Living enjoy entertaining events and activities, as well as new chances for entertainment and socializing with old and new friends.

Whether you want to stay close to home or participate in regularly organized outings and excursions across our surrounding region, our full-time programs director and crew will make every day as engaging and interesting as possible.

Events and activities may include:

  • Movies and TVs
  • Live musical performances
  • Informative guest talks
  • Visiting local eateries
  • Shopping adventures
  • A plethora of entertainment available such as games, arts and crafts, and more

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Senior Living Fitness & Health

Our hallmark fitness and wellness programs are comprehensive and all-inclusive, with the goal of assisting all seniors in promoting health and happiness in all aspects of life. Morada Pantego provides a multipronged approach for our independent residents that goes beyond simply doing some exercise. We provide chances for residents to enhance total health and wellbeing in all important dimensions, including:

  • Medical
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual

Our amenities and programs are designed to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Begin your day with a class in balance or stretching. Consider signing up for specialized workout sessions or, if available, customized training and guidance.
Add to that our numerous social and recreational activities, worship services, seminars and learning programs, and on-site treatments, and you’ll see how we assist seniors in maximizing and maintaining overall living quality and health.

In-house Senior Living Concierge Service

Consider the comfort and simplicity of knowing who to contact for assistance whenever you need it, and how pleasant it’ll be to spare just a few minutes (or maybe more) each day by eliminating unnecessary headaches and having our courteous concierge crew handle it for you.

The concierge team can assist you with:

  •       Restaurant reservations
  •       Event or movie tickets
  •       Shopping online
  •       Travel arrangements
  •       Receiving and sending packages

Concierge service makes day-to-day life at Morada Pantego much easier, and then you and your beloved one will be able to spend time resting or having fun as a result, beginning on the first day.

Take a break from time-consuming and strenuous housekeeping tasks and rely on our trained team members to make (as well as maintain) your apartment fresh and clean, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

At Morada Pantego, you’ll never ever have to climb up and down to replace light bulbs or dust dirty ceiling fans again. There will be no need at all to scrape, vacuum, or use harsh chemicals to clean.

Our integrated cleaning and maintenance services at Morada Pantego will provide long-term comfort and enjoyment. You may enjoy the sanctuary of your own pristine apartment home, the community’s common facilities, or a stroll through the beautiful and well-maintained greenery outside without needing to do anything.

To learn more, call us at 817.438.0049 or send us an email.

Complimentary Scheduled Senior Living Transport Services

It’s life-changing, money-saving, and may be the most important convenience of all: gratis chauffeured transportation awaits at Morada Pantego to guarantee you or your loved one always gets where you’re going, securely and on time.

Ideal for medical visits and shopping excursions, dining out, or seeing a performance or sporting event with neighbors and friends, you’ll enjoy leaving the directions, parking, and door-to-door driving with us, allowing you to have more fun and worry less.

You are welcome to bring your own vehicle, but with free transportation available, you may as well leave your driving to us henceforth!