If you are on numerous different prescriptions and/or require help with continence management, aging in place may not be everything you want it to be. You may find that you aren’t always able to receive the help you need when you need it, especially if your loved ones have work commitments during the day or paying for in home care is too costly. In such cases, moving into a senior assisted living community can provide you with the on-hand medication and continence management you need.

About Senior Medication and Continence Management

Individuals on a few different types of medications will need to ensure they are getting the right dosage at the right time of the day. In addition, when any new medications are added to the repertoire, you will need to ascertain that they will not cause any undesired reactions with your existing medications. Here is where medication management comes in. Older adults who require help with toileting will benefit from the use of several tools such as adult diapers, bed pads, and more, which can be taken care of with the right continence management plan.

Benefits of Having Access to Senior Medication and Continence Management in Your Senior Living Community

When you have a dedicated team tending to your medication and continence management needs, you can reap the following benefits:

  • More time to focus on your hobbies and interests without worrying about your basic needs
  • Increased sense of confidence that gives you greater freedom to get out there and get involved
  • Peace of mind for your family members that your needs are being taken care of
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving to a Senior Living Community?

If you find that aging in place is no longer meeting your or your loved one’s needs, you have options. Medication and continence management can be a big part of your life if you require it, and not getting these needs met can result in a lower sense of self-esteem and can even be downright dangerous.

At Morada Quintessence, our dedicated health & wellness team will see to it that all your needs are taken care of. This includes managing the different medications you are taking and tending to your continence needs. Because everything can be done right on-site, you will never have to worry about traveling to get the services you need.

Why Choose Morada Quintessence’s Senior Living Community?

Considering your senior living options in Albuquerque, NM? Make the move to Morada Quintessence today and start benefiting from our comprehensive range of services. All our team members are not only friendly and approachable, they have undergone the necessary training in senior care and continue to receive ongoing education. You can be assured that you or your loved one will be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity at all times. We welcome you to schedule a tour of our modern community at Morada Quintessence and check out everything we have to offer prospective residents.

To learn more about living in Morada Quintessence, contact us today.