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About Our Senior Rehabilitation Services

The three main types of senior rehabilitation services we offer are physical, occupational, and speech. Each form of rehabilitation service serves a unique purpose in assisting residents to reach full recovery. Together, the different rehabilitation services all share the same objective of helping residents return to an active and healthy lifestyle. Residents can expect to regain, maintain, or improve their abilities which are required for daily life. These abilities can range from mental and physical to thinking and learning. Residents who have lost these abilities as a result of an injury or sickness, or side effects of medical treatment can recover them through rehabilitation services.

Benefits of Having Access to Senior Rehabilitation Services in Your Senior Living Community

By offering senior rehabilitation services in our senior living community, residents can improve their mobility, strength, and flexibility which are all crucial elements to relieve discomfort and alleviate pain. They will also get to learn techniques that can help to prevent another injury or fall. Residents who are recovering from an injury or sickness will learn exercises that are crucial to support their daily living activities. They will also get to regain their confidence so they can go out and about independently without much assistance. These are all very important aspects of rehabilitation services that we facilitate through a safe environment, rendered by experienced, trained therapists.

When Should You Consider Moving to a Senior Living Community?

Are you currently on a prescription or need continuous treatment for an injury or illness? For older adults who are residing in an area where medical services are not readily accessible, a senior living community can offer them with 24/7 professional healthcare services. They will enjoy support in the forms of medication management, insulin administration, glucose and blood pressure monitoring, wellness checks, and rehabilitation services. The healthcare services are rendered by licensed nurses who are also trained to provide medical aid in case of an emergency situation.

Why Choose Morada Quintessence’s Senior Living Community?

At Morada Quintessence, you can expect to enjoy person-centered senior living that revolves around your comfort and convenience. You get to savor chef-prepared meals daily and enjoy a restaurant-like dining experience with friendly tableside service. Our residents will also have all their day-to-day tasks taken care of by professionals so they can lead a maintenance-free senior lifestyle without all the tedious chores. For residents with healthcare needs, our 24/7 nursing support will help you maintain good health to keep serious medical conditions at bay.

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